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Events by Sharon Brubaker is a full service event planning and floral studio specializing in social and corporate events in the Los Angeles area with a strong dedication to destination locations.

Through our commitment to highly personalized service, our clients’ events are designed and produced to empress their personalities and their signature lifestyles into their incredible events.  Our Goal is to ensure the each event flows seamlessly and is unique and personal to each of our client by listening to our clients and working with them to design their ultimate event.

We insure that every aspect of planning their details is taken care of.  Event planning whether it is a wedding, social gathering or a corporate event each is personal and a precious occasion in our client’s lifetime and they entrust us with these very special moments and we in turn give them the security to know that everything will be ok.


We achieve these ultimate events with a keen scene of dedication to detail, as well as, a willingness to go beyond the call of duty to insure that each and every event whether large or small is treated like one of our very own.  I know this to be true in my heart and soul on the day of the event the most important person our clients want to see next to them, other their guest, is one of our amazing coordinators.

Types of Amazing Events We Do

From the beginning to the end we can design the most intimate dinners to multi-day events, we plan and produce parties that provide impact and inspiration while achieving all of your dreams or business goals.  We’ll identify your needs, fulfill your objective and exceed your expectations.

v Intimate Dates                      

v Proposals

v Weddings

v Destination Wedding planning

v Dinner Parties

v Showers

v Social Gatherings

v Corporate Events

v Luxury Brands    

v Charity & Non-Profit

v Entertainment Industry Events